August 2011

#acampadajubilados is a camp for the eldest people

This week, in Spain,  the Government is promoting a change in the Constitution to control de public debt, but not for the benefit of the people but for the benefit of the markets….


Voices are calling from the other side of the sea #15oct #Oct15

Originally published on The sun shines out of a corner. Its crystalline laughter unfolds a bridge over the sea. People cannot cross over it. But you can hear their whispers.   Puerta…


Mapa conceptual de acampadaSol – #15M

Tenemos la tendencia de narrar las cosas mediante largos textos. Sin embargo hay otras maneras de explicar los acontecimientos. Este mapa conceptual es un intento de explicar qué pasó en acampadaSol (15M Madrid)…


#15M SOL: Conceptual map

We tend to explain things in longs texts, but sometimes there are other ways of telling  how things happen. This conceptual map is an attempt of explaining what happened in acampadasol (15M camp…

Assembly held at Retiro Park

Open proposals of the economics working group (sol camp -#15m)

Open proposals of the economics working group (sol camp – 15m) This document presents the proposals and lines of action that, to date (15 June 2011) have been discussed and agreed by the…


aCAMPada Berlin – Come to Alexanderplatz!


Spanish Government announces “express” change in Constitution, #15M movement demands a referendum

The two major parties in control of Spanish Congress (PP and PSOE) announce that they have agreed to change the Constitution to include a maximum expenditure of 0.4% GDP on public spending. This…

Police threatening aCAMPadaBerlin with eviction

Sign #alex11 petition to support #aCAMPadaBerlin protest! <——— Call for support: Outraged! Berlin We ask the public authorities to tolerate and not to interrupt the protest camp “Real Democracy Now! Time for Outrage!“ We don’t need less, but more…


Los ciudadanos en Sol y Syntagma manifestamos nuestra indignación e invitamos a sumarse a todos los indignados en todas las plazas

Los ciudadanos en Sol y Syntagma manifestamos nuestra indignación e invitamos a sumarse a todos los indignados en todas las plazas De EEUU a Bruselas, de Grecia a Bolivia, de España a Túnez, la…


The march continues to Brussels

Western Europe drowns under political and economical crisis. In May 2011 in Spain hundreds thousands of people, describing them self as indignities, organise them self in to society, that demanding changes in political…


#Revolution arrives in #Germany, #Berlin starts to camp #Alex11 #germanrevolution

Berlin has its own Outraged camp: a loose network of politically-critical people started occupying the city’s main square, Alexanderplatz, since Saturday night, following the example of north-African and Spanish revolutions. After the nightly…


Únete a la acampada en Alexanderplatz – Berlín

Hola a todx, somos un conjunto de personas políticamente críticas que ocupamos la plaza Alexanderplatz en Berlin desde el sábado por la tarde. Tras el comienzo de las grandes manifestaciones en España a…

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