Guide for civilian participation on #15OCT


A complete map with social-network events can be found at Check your location and participate!


On the 15th there will be protests in almost 1 thousand cities worldwide. The amount of information that will be generated on the Internet is huge, which is why everyone has to contribute in order to create a crowd-sourced database. This will make it easier for investigators to analyze information later. This ( ) is a link to an interactive document where you can post links to news pieces, photos, videos or your own report.


Check for banners, posters and fliers to print and share on the net. Be active in your own social media accounts and blogs, help sharing information: everyone is a journalist, be the media.

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Twitter: @15octobernet @takethesquare and @occupytogether
Hashtags: #live15O and a letters code for every city+15O, e.g. #mad15O or #nyc15O


Check and for constant videos and live-streams.


For tips, methods and and techniques on how to take the squares tomorrow, you can check practical information at

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