Welcome to the Global Network, an invitation to all the assemblies

We invite everybody to share this text all around the world via mails, feedbacks, websites… Dear comrades of the global change, We are about 400 people in squares all around the world, from…

Occupy Antarctica


Occupations and General Strike: A Strategic 15O in Barcelona

In Barcelona, during the demonstration of the “Global Day” on Saturday 15 of October where 350.000 people was processing in the streets, the manifestation was divided in three blocks: First Block: Education A…

15O – Message from Syntagma to the World

RESOLUTION OF THE PEOPLE’S ASSEMBLY OF SYNTAGMA SQUARE 14/10/2011 We express our solidarity towards all squares of the world that fight against the cannibalistic financial system of economic globalization. Our decision to participate…


#London Square initial statement #OccupyTogether #GlobalChange #15o #OccupyLSX

At today’s assembly on the steps of St Paul’s, #occupylsx agreed the initialstatement below. Please note, it’s a draft statement at this stage and it will always be a work in progress. 1…

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