Before the meeting of G20 – Summit for people

We took a big step. The mobilizations of 15 O have been succesfull. Now what?.

Now is the time to show with one voice our position facing the next meeting of heads of state and government of the G20. It vill be on 4 and 5 November in Cannes. Well mark their agenda. We´ll bring to the street the economic debate that they want to deny to us.We´ll talk as high as possible, just about those issues that they don,t want us to deal.

In Madrid, we are organizing a conferences and discussion forum parallel to the G20 meeting. It will be on November 1 , festive. The host of this Summit for People: The Puerta del Sol. A day dedicated to the most relevant topics of the current economic situation, both locally and inernationally.

We invite all of the squares to share this initiative. Lets talk on the streets of our cities and towns about the crisis couses, but also about other alternatives of a new political and economic model , about a new world.

We propose to extend this international summit for the people and involving academics and experts but also anyone interested in sharing their knowledge with others from an proactive and constructive approach.

We know what we are fighting , it´s time time to start building our own global alternative system, the time to articulate a new path that leads away from this system inequitable and unsustainable.

Let´s make our speech to be listened and to be debated in every square from logic, legitimacy and hope.

Program of de day ” Summit for people” , organiced by the Sol Economics Group.

12:00 Presentation of the day. Ilegitimacy of G 20.

12:30 Tax Fraud: How to recover what they steal? Carlos Jimenez Villarejo.

15:00 Social Inclusion and democratic legitimacy. Defend yours. Defend the public. Liliana Pineda and María Fernández.

17:00 Damn debt. How is it created, how does it affect . An audit, to start. And solutions.

Speaker to be confirmed.

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