Days of Action for Public Education in Berkeley – Nov 9-17

The next two weeks seem pretty intensive here in Berkeley:
The Occupy Cal (Berkeley University) is planning to camp, in defense of public education, against the cuts and fee hikes -the regents of the university are voting next 16th Nov to increase 81 % the students fee-, and in general to support the general occupy movement all over the world.
This will start Wednesday 9 of November at Sproul Plaza, the same place where the Free Speech Movement started in the Sixties. We´ll see what
happens. If it succeeded it could be powerful because it´s supposed this is one of the best universities and a symbolic place of the Sixties movements.

As far I can see, they have similar problems than in Spain and everywhere, the same instability; for instance, it´s very difficult to find a job and when the students finishes their degree, they have a lot of debts to pay to the banks and the state (it could be around 40.000 $).

Cal Occupiers think that the Regents of the University represent the 1%: “Why Occupy Cal? Because the campus is our Wall Street, and the Regents are the 1%“, says one of the Occupy Cal banners.

Occupy Oakland, SF and Berkeley are supporting the UC Berkeley demonstration.

Nov 9-17:
Week of Action in Defence of Public Education

Students & teachers from Pre-K-12, CCs, CSUs & the UCs, together with community allies, are organizing a massive week of united action in defense of all sectors of public education.

In Norcal, the two major actions are:

Nov 9:
Education Walkouts & Tent City

Beginning @ Noon. Meet @ UC Berkeley, Sproul Plaza

There will be a 24/7 Occupy tent city and activities to say no to cuts, fee hikes, school closures, & privatization in any level of education. Make the banks pay! All schools are encouraged to participate!

Nov 16:
Norcal Convergence

Beginning @ 7 am @ UCSF Mission Bay Campus, SF

Join a mass non-violent civil disobedience to shut down the UC Regents meeting, who are voting on an 81% fee hike. An attack on any level of education is an attack on all! Transportation is provided.


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