Report from Russian 2011 Elections, where the rules and laws were brutally violated.

Hi from Russia!
There has already slipped news about the protests in Russia, – Moscow and St. Petersbourg, these protests are going and being supported and organized apart from usual bloggers and activists, by political opposition – all in protest to the latest event – the 2011 Elections, where the rules and laws were brutally violated and completly ignored.
Though on the 6th of December there were not only activists and politicians on the squares there were also supporters of the political party of “thieves and crooks” – as they are called in Russia, – United Russia, the political party that has been “owning” the country for almost 13 years now, 13 years of robbing the middle class, morally and psychologically destroying people, taking the last from them.
Most of these supporters were very well payed, some have no idea of the political picture in Russia and, more than that, they don’t want to know, but some happen to be there accidentally.

Here’s a letter from Vanya Panomarev, about how he got there…

Dear Friends,
Today, 6th of December, I had classes in my university. We were informed in the morning that we will have only the first 2 lessons. Then, after 14:00(2pm), we need to get to Pushkinskaya square, where there will be a NON-political assembly in honour of battle close by to Moscow that happened during World War II…
We go there and met other students from different colleges, cadets and “women” (probably from some sort of housing organizations) then they told us to line up like in school and after that we were lead to the square…We passed the metal detectors, showed our bags and stuff to the police and found ourselves…on a political assembly…
We were surprised to hear that the assembly was dedicated to “The victory of (United Russia)Edinaya Rossiya!!!”…no comments…I’ll tell you 1 thing: in a couple of hours we heard this on the news: 10 thousand of Moscow youth gathered on Pushinskaya square to support and celebrate the victory of United Russia on the 2011 elections…

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