Call for a Global Spring in May 2012

Throughout this period of civil disobedience, from Tunisia, to Iceland and the latest uprisings in Greece and India (feel free to add other places), if anything has become clear it is that not only political systems have reached advanced levels of disintegration, so have their methods of representation, as well as their subordination to capitalist rule.In  2011 we took the streets, we regained our public spaces,  got together, opened up dialogues and shared our dreams. We joined forces to make it clear that we are not commodities at the will of politicians and bankers who instate austerity policies and make our lives precarious. Instead, we declare, with our fellow Greeks “We owe nothing, we will not pay and will not sell ourselves!”

However, what is far more important is that we also share a desire in re-appropriating our lives and the commons by means of direct participation, joint management, and ultimately the desire for a true democracy at the service of everyone.

After international forums as well as online and face to face discussions, it  has been decided that May 2012 should be the month for Global Days of Organising – Action -Transition.

Saturday May  12th has been proposed as a global day of action in which we will once  again take to the streets, to the squares, or wherever we can in order  to carry out specific actions that will empower mass demonstrations.
Tuesday May 15th is intended as a global day of action, to intervene on capital flows and mobility, while simultaneous coordinated actions are launched in order to bring awareness to the world to move in new directions and collectively rebuild human, economic and social relationships.
Moreover, worldwide actions and strikes are being prepared on May 1st (MayDay), during the Troika (ECB/EC/IMF) Summit in Frankfurt from May 17th – 19th, and during the G8/NATO summit in Chicago from May 19th-21st.  All these mobilisations will grab the world’s attention and escalate the global movement for economic and social justice. We invite you to join us in our fight for freedom, equality, peace, justice and real democracy across the world by joining the Global Spring.We  are committed to an open and inclusive system of participation, so we call on all individuals, movements and organisations interested in participating to join the Global  Spring.

Our principal method of organisation uses regular international voice conferences that help facilitate this process, there is a General meeting that takes place bi-weekly on Saturdays and weekly meetings of our work groups (Actions and Alternatives, Communications, Facilitation, etc). A calendar of all meetings can be consulted here:

These meetings take place in one of our 3 mumble servers:
Label: “Take the Square” – “occupii” – DRY
Server: - (written as they are)
Channel: depending on the server
Time of the meeting depending on your time zone:
11:00 (UTC-8) (West Coast of USA)
12:00 (UTC-7) (MST, Arizona…)
13:00 (UTC-6) (Chicago,Texas)
14:00 (UTC-5) (New York/DC)
16:00 (UTC-6) (East Coast of Brazil)
19:00 (UTC+0) (Canarias and UK)
20:00 (UTC+1) (Central Europe)
23:00 (UTC+3) (Western Africa)
Please join us!
About author
We are just like you, citizens of the world fed up with the critical situation and we believe a real change can be achieved through the coordination of non violent actions and self-managed alternatives around the world. There must be a better way of dealing with the survival and enjoyment of our life, we believe in consensus and in non-hierarchical organization. We believe that another world is possible, where nobody has to die of hunger while others throw food away. We don’t have flags and we fight the borders crossing them. We try to be in the best place at the good moment, from Brussels to Lisbon, from Madrid to Athens, reporting but also acting. We come from activist groups, hacking platforms or post capitalist projects and we participated a lot in the Spanish revolution since the beginning. We leave our respective assemblies for this international project of global coordination but we keep in touch, sending back information and visiting regularly. We are open to integrate new people to our project or to help the creation of new teams. More information about our way to work in the protocol.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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