Intervention during the speech of Greek minister. The Hague, 22-03-2012

Thursday 22 of March Minister Giannitsis was invited to talk about “Growth after reform” by the Greek embassy and the Clingendael Institute ( The Hague.

Greeks living in the Netherlands made an intervention exposing lies and inaccurate information during his speech. It was made clear that the nature of reforms and measures for the so called growth is nothing more than the same neoliberal recipes that have been applied to many countries around the world.

At some point Giannitsis responding to the intervention he admitted that all enforced policies so far have spectacularly failed.

He told that the taxation system of Greece is unfair and in favor of the rich.

He agreed that the social cost is unbearable.

And although he has been a member of the government that had applied those measures he tried to distance himself from the policies of PASOK.

The event ended with the comment of the Director EU studies, A. Schout, that the people of all EU countries will soon feel the pain of the same austerity policies.

Video of the intervention:
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Source: email at squares mailing list.

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