TWU – ‘Occupy’ Solidarity for Fare-Beating Strike in ‘Public’ Transportation / Dawn Goldman Sachs Dawn!

John Samuelsen, president of Transport Workers Union Local 100, said March 29 he was “not in any way critical” of the illegal actions of Occupy Wall Street members and dissidents in his own…

Adbusters Tactical Briefing 28 – #PLAYJAZZ

Hey you nimble dreamers, wild cats and horizontals out there, Our Spring offensive is building toward a climactic May uprising… time to come out of winter hibernation and play jazz like we’ve never…

NEWSLETTER #12M15M Issue 2

1) Greece – AGORA in Athens From 5 to 15, there will be the Agora Athens. The international march (you can follow the march here: http://www.scoop.it/t/march-to-athens) it started back in Nov 2011 and its expected…


NATO GAME OVER: non-violent intervention teams from ten European countries shut down NATO

Today, about 500 peace activists from more than ten European countries will take part in an action to shut down NATO headquarters in Evere, Brussels in a nonviolent intervention. When peace is at…

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