September 2012

Confrontations reach a new level in Spain as protesters target Congress #25S

Yesterday’s protest in Madrid was different from all its predecessors since May 15th 2011. Even though it was organized by collectives close to the 15M Indignadxs movement and it’s national network of popular…


Democracy is kept hostage. On #25S we’re going to rescue it! @coordinadora25S

Source: coordinadora25S Next September 25th we will surround the Spanish Congress to rescue it from a kidnapping that has turn this institution into a powerless one. A kidnapping of popular sovereingty perpetrated by…


Portugal: We Want Our Lives

On Saturday 15 September, the people in Portugal took the streets again to protest against the Troika and the austerity measures imposed by the Government. Between 700 thousands and a million, in over…


Manifesto: #25S we will surround the Congress from 25sBCN

Source: 25sBCN We, ordinary people are fed up to live with the consequences of a system conditioned by and forced to adapt itself to the markets, which is in every respect insupportable, and…


Without fear, we support our arrested fellows and we keep on: on #S25 we’ll surround the Congress

Source: Coordinadora 25S This morning, four companions of the Platform Pie, who came as thousands of people to the demonstration of 15S to support the social demand that was happening in the streets…

Indefinitive educational strike #17S

Rights and reasons to join general indefinite strike in education services starting #S17

Source: This post has been translated by our followers on Twitter, we want to thank them, for showing once more that cooperating and collaborating are the keys to achieve a global change…

Next global day of action 13 october 2012

#Nextglobalday #13O #globalnoise 2012

#GlobalNOISE 2012 from AlfonsoFerri on Vimeo.

OWS anniversary

#OWS anniversary #S17

Hey all you hacktivists, cypherpunks, mystical anarchists and global revolutionaries out there, As the one year anniversary of OWS approaches, where do we stand? To put it in a nutshell: the Zuccotti encampment…

occupy Monsanto action logo

Over 60 Protests to Target Frankenfood Corporations on #OWS Anniversary #occupyMonsanto

source:OWS An expanding network of concerned individuals known as Occupy Monsanto has emerged over the past 8 months staging numerous protests at companies connected to the global trade of genetically engineered foods, also…

the forbidd education

Documentary: The forbidden education

site: The forbidden education is a documentary meant to question the current school logics and the way of understanding education by making visible different educating experiences, that are considering the need of…

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