November 2012

Dismantling and selling public healthcare

Source: English version, translated by Paul Funkhouser Thousands of people have peacefully demonstrated at the doors of Hospital de la Princesa on Diego de León street in Madrid. This public health center,…


It’s Mutual Aid, Stupid #occupySandy

original source:The Huffington Post by Jeffrey Lawrence and Luis Moreno-Caballud At an organizational meeting last Sunday, the office of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg finally recognized what had become one of the major…


‘Shades of anger’ by Rafeef Ziadah #freeGaza

A poem written and read by Rafeef Ziadah


ROAR presents: ‘Utopia on the Horizon’

By Jerome Roos On November 17, 2012 Versión en castellano aquí. Ελληνική έκδοση εδώ. In May 2011, hundreds of thousands of Greeks swarmed into Syntagma Square in Athens to protest against the firesale…


#14N: millions join largest European strike ever

By Jerome Roos On November 15, 2012 Original source:   Street battles break out and large parts of Europe are paralyzed as millions of workers walk off their jobs in the biggest coordinated EU strike…


The conditions have changed, but the struggle is still the same: Unite against fascism impunity !

The conditions have changed, but the struggle is still the same: Unite against fascism impunity ! by Marta Rodriguez on November  2012     In the summer of 1977, the newly democratic Spanish government passed…

#14N European strike

A film, by PIIGS United in London in solidarity with the pan- European general strike scheduled for November 14th. For more info about the european strike


Freedom for Hervé Falciani*

Monday 12N: Rally at HSBC HQ The working group Economía Sol is calling to rally for next Monday, November 12, at the headquarters of HSBC Geneva, to demand the release of Hervé Falciani,…

mobile kitchen prototype - cocook

COCOOK: Swarm cooking @letscocook

We are in a changing world,; during the last year we’ve seen protests taking place in various locations It has been surprising that many of them had a lot in common,: without talking,…


Return to Parliament #29S

Source: spanishrevolution11 Dear people, Last year in May, when I took up offices in the tent of the Communication commission of Acampada Sol, I had the amazing feeling of being in the centre…

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