June 2013
T-shirt denouncing the murder of Ethem Sarısülük

Berlin remembers Ethem Sarısülük & Medeni Yildirim #direnlice #occupygezi

The weather is not helping to enjoy the life going on around the tent in solidarity with #occupygezi, but does not discourage them to do actions in support to what is happening in…


Historical Atlas of Gezi Park #occupygezi

Source: http://postvirtual.wordpress.com Istanbul, June 27 Dear people, One of my primary objectives when I arrived at Gezi Park almost three weeks ago, was to leave a map of this place, for the historical…


Rebellion. Revolution. Freedom #occupygezi

Source: http://postvirtual.wordpress.com [Spanish translation here] Istanbul, June 25 Dear people, It’s pride week in Istanbul, and this time the term pride has a double meaning. On the one hand, the LGBT folk are…

copyleft culture

L’Internationale confederation museum directors call for a dialogue in Turkey [ITA][GER][ESP] #occupygezi

[ITA] :: [GER] :: [ESP] PRESS STATEMENT As public cultural institutions dedicated to the sharing and support of a wide range of ideas and information, we deplore the violent suppression of legitimate public…

graffito rimaflow

When workers takeover: from redundancy to Ri-Maflow

By Maurizio Molinari Have you heard the story about the Italian workers who took over the bankrupt company that previously employed them and started a new cooperative, all while doing something for the environment?…


Assemblies emerging in Turkey: a lesson in democracy #occupygezi

source: roarmag.org  by Jerome Roos on June 19, 2013 The protesters are starting to counter-pose their own direct democracy to the sham of a democracy proposed by Erdogan’s authoritarian neoliberal state. Something quite…


Assemblies in #occupygezi


In #Ankara #occupygezi

Source: LRB by: Tariq Ali How it changes. When I was in Istanbul last April the mood was sombre. Even the most ebullient of friends were downcast. The latent hostility to the regime…


No, I’m not going to the World Cup #changeBrazil #mudaBrasil


#Taksim is everywhere, resistence is everywhere , solidemo in #Berlin #occupygezi

Berlin, 16th June 2013, woke up to a sunny day. There was a call for solidarity with Taksim from the tent set up on Wednesday in Kottbusser Tor. There was (and is) a…

#Berlin In solidarity with #Taksim #occupygezi

In Berlin , since last Wednesday, there has been set up a tent in solidarity with #Taksim and #occupygezi. Every day people stay in groups, alone, move around, talk to each other and…


“We have already won”. Letter from a Turk to his country #occupygezi

Source: Letterevive In the last few weeks I have been talking with many Turkish people: I listened to their stories, looked at pictures and videos they had sent me, chatted with them. I…

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