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Report from Rome – ‘AgoraRoma’ Background and actual situation

The movement started in May, 2011 in solidarity with the Spanish Revolution organizing non-violent actions, regular General Assemblies and visits in the Spanish camps. Last summer they projected the decentralization to the neighborhoods…


Project for a walk to Jerusalem for peace

Faced with the inability of the powers that be to enforce the rights to self determination of Palestinians, other than their persistent focus on profit that results in their continued permanent oppression, a…

#AgoraRoma International Communicate part.4

Assembly on civil disobedience During this meeting be has explained the concept and possible uses, making it clear that the limit of this non-violent tool is our own imagination. It is recalled that…

#AgoraRoma International Communicate Part.3 – Brainstorming about Global Strike

March to Palestine preparatory Assembly Yesterday, 16/01/2012 Agora Rome began at 10hrs a preparatory meeting of the march to Jerusalem. They debated at length the needs, objectives and difficulties of this march. It is essential to build and strengthen a network of communication and coordination at international level. The network should be formed by assemblies and human rights organizations working on the…


#AgoraRoma Indignant Carnival denounces the financial and political system with irony

On January 15 2012, the encampment of the indignados in Piazza San Giovanni rose up in a festive  manner to hold a demonstration in the streets of Rome, in occasion of # carnavaleIndignati,…

#AgoraRoma #OccupyVatican Exclusive Video

Exclusive videos of the marches to Athens on


#Agoraroma International Communicate Part.2 #occupyVatican

Agoraroma Debt audience At  10 a.m. Agora Roma’s program opened with the debate about public debt,  where experts like teachers, journalists and members of collectives as  Reforma della Banca Mundiale, Rivolta i Debito[I,…


#Agoraroma International Communicates Part.1 (9 to 13 of January)

United in the Agora Rome construction   The general assembly last night in the piazza of San Giovanni was massive and participatory. On a night where low temperatures were protagonist the main subject where…

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