International Newsletter #5A #occupyNewsLetter

Weeks July 14 – August 4 Olympics On Friday 27th July, in London:  while millions were watching the Olympics opening ceremony celebrating peace and friendship to the people all over the world and…

Coal miners take part in the last day of the "Marcha Negra" (Black March) in Madrid

International Newsletter #13J #occupyNewsLetter

Weeks June 30 – July 13  Index  1. Repression and police brutality  2. Democracy  3. Housing  4. Environment  5. Health care for the 99% in NYC  6. Law  7. Education  8. Direct Action….


International Newsletter #29J #occupyNewsLetter

Uprisings. The wave goes on: Sandstorm Friday in Sudan Democracy. Pre and post-elections: Mexico, Egypt  and Greece Housing. #stopeviction campaigns: anti-bankia actions across Spain, Sevilla, Minnesota  Occupy Homes Repression against Occupy and solidarity…


International Newsletter #22J #occupyNewsLetter

Newsletter with news about Education, Housing, Banking, Democracy and Environment around the world, take a look, spread the news and give us feedback if something related is happening in your city!!! linking #revolution…

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