Some sport for the cops! Pictures from the stadium – Athens

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#Occuprint – Posters from the #Occupy Movement

Occuprint emerged when The Occupied Wall Street Journal asked us to guest curate an issue dedicated to the poster art of the global Occupy movement. The Occuprint website is meant to connect people…


Trafalgar Square Occupied during the student protest and quickly evicted…

At least six people were arrested in London after setting up a camp in Trafalgar Square while they were trying to establish a third camp in the city in order to galvanise the…

Occupy Antarctica


A hole in the ceiling #15M #Madrid

Roman Antibanks Day

On the Antibanks World Day, on Sept. 7, 2011, we organized a flashmob in Rome in front of the Bank of Italy. Banks have no respect for peoples’ lives, finance speculators and politicians…


Historic protest in Israel: over 300,000 demand social justice

Originally published at Largest rally in Israeli history sees four percent of the population out in the streets — that would be 12 million people in the streets of the US!


July 23rd & 24th in Madrid (in pictures) #marchaindignada #spanishrevolution

This weekend, tens of thousands of indignados marched through Madrid and re-occupied Puerta del Sol. Here are some of our favorite pictures.

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