Police violence

Es.Col.A evicted!

(19/4)  Es.Col.A (Espaço Coletivo Autogestionado, http://escoladafontinha.blogspot.pt/) was evicted. Es.Col.A was an open space, collectively managed in Alto de Fontinha, in the city of Porto in Portugal. It was an old elementary school, left abandoned…


Proposal for legal cooperation to defend the general right to freedom of expression in public areas

The Legal Commission of the assembly of the Indignants Movement in Paris (Les Indignés de Paris)   Dear all, As some of you are surely aware, on 17 January 2012 the Indignants Movement…

29M Barcelona – Unforgivable Police Brutality (video)

(Updates) International strategy for justice: Keyname #sos27m

UPDATES This is my last report on this topic, the conclusion after it happened. It was great, everybody enjoyed this action. As said, last wednesday at 11am we started to spam with our…


Another American Foreclosure: Excessively Forceful Eviction of Occupy DC

At around 5:40 am, the peaceful demonstrators of Occupy D.C. were greeted by helmeted swarms of National Park Service police, dressed in full riot gear–despite the very apparent lack of any riot–some on…


Occupy Oakland Responds to Oakland Police Repression, Demands Accounting of Brutal Tactics, and End to Disinformation

Occupy Oakland’s building occupation, an act of civil disobedience, was disrupted by a brutal police response yesterday. Protesters were met with baton strikes, shot with rubber bullets, and exposed to tear gas along…


The police top brass, finally charged for the brutal eviction of Plaza Catalunya

The security ex deputy mayoress of Barcelona, Assumpta Escarp, the managing director of the Mossos d’Esquadra (Catalonian Police), Manel Prat, the responsible for the public order supervision of the Catalonian police, Antoni Antolín,…


Lisboa November 24, Who are the violents?

Our Platform 15 October, which is international, non-partisan and peaceful, demands the restoration of justice and truth with regard to the events of November 24th, and declares: We witnessed and denounced the presence…


Massacre and repression in Egypt: another January 28

In Egypt, we are facing yet another January 28, now with both police and army attacking. Protests have been violently attacked in Cairo, Alexandria and Suez. Tahrir square is under continuous attack since…


OccupySeoul against the Free Trade Agreement

For the second Saturday in a row, hundreds of protesters gathered across Seoul to demand that the government stabilize housing prices and increase social welfare spending, The Korea Times reports. The week prior,…

occupyberkeley night

Update Occupy CAL (Berkeley University). Police brutality: Violence Comes Up When Moral Legitimacy Fails

  On the 9th of Nov. 2011 the first Occupy Cal massive action took place. Over 3000 protesters joined at the Sproul Plaza, Berkeley, the iconic place where the Free Speech Movement started…

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Yo No Me Muevo / I’m not Moving, Hypocrisy at its best (video)

Original video from Corey Ogilvie. Hypocrisy at its best, with the excuse of protecting civilian population they bomb and kill people from afar, while his own people is humiliated in his face.

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