ROAR presents: ‘Utopia on the Horizon’

By Jerome Roos On November 17, 2012 Versión en castellano aquí. Ελληνική έκδοση εδώ. In May 2011, hundreds of thousands of Greeks swarmed into Syntagma Square in Athens to protest against the firesale…


#14N: millions join largest European strike ever

By Jerome Roos On November 15, 2012 Original source:   Street battles break out and large parts of Europe are paralyzed as millions of workers walk off their jobs in the biggest coordinated EU strike…


#25S-#29S: Madrid on the brink — a short film

Source: 25S-29S: Madrid on the brink — a short film by Carlos Delclós on October 2, 2012 This short film chronicles the events of the past week in Spain, where hundreds of…


Confrontations reach a new level in Spain as protesters target Congress #25S

Yesterday’s protest in Madrid was different from all its predecessors since May 15th 2011. Even though it was organized by collectives close to the 15M Indignadxs movement and it’s national network of popular…

Image from stop evictions campaign in Barcelona

Losing strength? An alternative vision of Spain’s indignados #15M

Source:   A silent revolution emerges from the underground. Far from losing strength, decentralization has allowed 15-M to become ever more dynamic.   Is the 15-M movement going invisible? Or is it…


Occupy South Africa: “we are all kings and queens!” by Joe Hani

Suffering from the highest income divide and the worst violence in the world, the time has come for the people of S-Africa to rise up and reclaim their country. From By Joe…

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