halima's story in a refugee camp

Eviction, harassment and a life in limbo: Halima’s story #refugeesWelcome #RefugeeCamps #Berlin

Source: Give something back to Berlin Forced to relocate miles from her children’s Berlin kindergarten, Halima Farah, an intelligent, resilient and resourceful woman, has been working to find a solution for her family….


Africa Day Reflection #africansRising

By Linda Tsungirirai Masarira Africa Day is a day for Africans to reflect on the individual and collective efforts of our liberation war heroes that led to the independence of African states. The…

Deportation to Afganistan

“This is the voice of freedom” – Interview with Zaki

In February 2016, refugees protested against their planned deportations with a hunger strike in the deportation prison in Mühldorf am Inn (Bavaria). After the fire in one of the cells, the prison authorities…

modern slavery by refugees

How does cleaning the Lager toilet for 80 Cents per hour integrate you into the society? #modernslavery

INTERVIEW WITH AN ACTIVIST FROM WOMEN IN EXILE WIE: We hearing that they are forcing people to work in the Lagers, do you have any idea or experience about this? A:Yes that is…


Updates on Brazilian protests #VemPraRua

In one of the mailing lists of our networks, this info was post as an update to what is going on in Brazil. So we want to share it This week has seen…


Rebellion. Revolution. Freedom #occupygezi

Source: [Spanish translation here] Istanbul, June 25 Dear people, It’s pride week in Istanbul, and this time the term pride has a double meaning. On the one hand, the LGBT folk are…


In #Ankara #occupygezi

Source: LRB by: Tariq Ali How it changes. When I was in Istanbul last April the mood was sombre. Even the most ebullient of friends were downcast. The latent hostility to the regime…


“We have already won”. Letter from a Turk to his country #occupygezi

Source: Letterevive In the last few weeks I have been talking with many Turkish people: I listened to their stories, looked at pictures and videos they had sent me, chatted with them. I…



  From: Seventy activists from feminist groups, Occupy, UK Uncut, Solidarity Federation and Disabled People Against Cuts have today occupied London’s historic Women’s Library in a daring bid to save it from…


Return to Parliament #29S

Source: spanishrevolution11 Dear people, Last year in May, when I took up offices in the tent of the Communication commission of Acampada Sol, I had the amazing feeling of being in the centre…

pobanging in Quebec

An Open Letter to the Mainstream English Media, From Montreal

Written and published at Translating the printemps érable Thank you; you are a little late to the party, and you are still missing the mark a lot of the time, but in the…


Homeland Security and OWS

Seems the Occupy movement was targeted by Homeland Security before the first tent pole was raised, according to documents released in compliance with a FOIA request. has conducted exhaustive research on the…

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