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#12M15M Minutes of the Evaluation meeting

Courtesy of our comrade Jasper from The Netherlands Last Sat 2nd June about 25 people from 13 countries joined the Open Space for the evalution and future of the Occupy/Indigndos/M15 Global May process …


BARCELONA 15M Newsletter nr 13

Hello from Barcelona, this is the weekly newsletter that will inform you about the activities of 15M movement in Barcelona, Catalonia and occasionally the main events in Spain. If you do not wish…

#12M London – A section 14 putted in place for a peaceful assembly (Video)

Saturday 12 May, police from virtually every borough in London – in addition to members of the Territorial Support Group – violently removed supporters of Occupy London who were simply sitting on the…


May 12th, 2012 – Copenhagen, Denmark

In solidarity with the Occupy Movement’s Global May Manifesto, the Danish faction manifested today a parade in the streets of Copenhagen. The procession was centred around a four-meter tall effigy of a politician…

#12M Paris: Decentralized demonstrations and a lot of thematical assemblies (video)

Last news: 25 people tried to camp but was arrested by the police the same night, they are all free now. The movement is planning to try again saturday 19…


Occupy Prepares For May Day: No Work, No School, No Banking by Allison Kilkenny

Occupy Wall Street hopes to capture headlines once again next week with the May 1 “General Strike”, long-advertised by the group as an event that will prove to the public and media that…


Call for #12M from Barcelona #12m15m

12M Global mobilization — 15M Day of action. On the 12th of May we’re back on the street with a creative, non-violent, people’s demonstration. Progressively working towards the 15th of May in the…


Global demands and slogans, Get involved!

Dear comrades, bellow you find a list of demands “in raw” that were collected by the Global Call WG, please add yours, along with a short explanation of HOW to achieve the goal….


Some news from Portugal by Francisco Norega

MAY12 There will be actions on the May12 in Porto, Coimbra, Santarém and Lisboa, and it seems that there are people in Évora already organizing something too. In Leiria, Braga, Aveiro, Faro and…

NEWSLETTER #12M15M Issue 3

0. We are happy to present the web page dedicated to gather and discuss all actions planned for May2012: http://www.globalmay.org/ it is an International meeting point where you can register and get involved…


Call for a Global Spring in May 2012

Throughout this period of civil disobedience, from Tunisia, to Iceland and the latest uprisings in Greece and India (feel free to add other places), if anything has become clear it is that not…


GlobalAssembly – To all our dear fellows who participate in the Global movement

To all our dear fellows who participate in the Global movement The agenda is here: PAD of the Meeting Since the last meeting we only finish the first point of the agenda and…

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