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Tribute to the 15O Worldwide

[This post continue to be updated everyday days as we collect and filter the information] We’re collecting data (videos, press release, photos…) from October 15th in a unique Site. You can view this…


#Acampario – Five new camps in Brazil!

The Saturday, October 15th was rainy and windy in most of southeastern Brazil. Nova Friburgo was the first city to camp in Brazil, located in the mountain region of Rio de Janeiro. The…

Occupy Tokyo

15O – GLOBAL DAY Ep1 – It’s a new day for Asia & Oceania

  Chronic of the first hours of the 15O in Asia & Oceania Tokyo, Seoul, Taipai, Auckland, Sydney, Hong Kong, Manila with a early wake up in the protest camp of Israel to…

ישראל מצטרפת ל-15 באוקטובר

הם.   בקיץ 2011 ישראל חוותה גל מעורר השראה של מחאה חברתית-כלכלית שכמוה לא נראה במדינה. אזרחים מכל גווני הקשת הפוליטית, האידיולוגיות, המוצאים והאמונות התאחדו כדי להשמיע קול חזק וברור: האליטה הכלכלית-פוליטית של המדינה…


People of the world, rise up on October 15th!

OCTOBER 15TH – UNITED FOR #GLOBALCHANGE On October 15th people from all over the world will take to the streets and squares. From America to Asia, from Africa to Europe, people are rising…


Voices are calling from the other side of the sea #15oct #Oct15

Originally published on Roarmag.org The sun shines out of a corner. Its crystalline laughter unfolds a bridge over the sea. People cannot cross over it. But you can hear their whispers.   Puerta…

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