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Demonstration against the fascist attacks from the police and the neonazis in Athens

29 May 2012 Athens, Greece Demonstration against the fascist attacks from the police and the neonazis that are taking place in the centre of athens the last weeks. The demo was organised by…


It was about time! Reflexions from Athens

It’s been a revealing period for all of us. We never realized quite how big is the turbulence we got into. Papandreou managed to corner us in the end of 2009 with the fear of default and a…


Cleaning Syntagma – Report from Agora Athens

Dear people, The comfort of the squat is dangerous for the revolutionary spirit. Especially when there is little of it. It’s evening and we’re sitting together in the living room, a dozen marchers….


March to Athens – April 25, 2012 (English-French-Spanish-Italian-Dutch-German)

Watch this also: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ku7AZOcUyc4 0:00 – 1:40 English 1:41 – 3:26 French 3:27 – 4:09 Spanish 4:10 – 6:18 Italian 6:19 – 7:32 Dutch 7:33 – 8:50 German


Novelty? Rent-A-Cop. A Real Greek Cop…

Feel unsafe when you go to pick up money from your local bank? You could rent a trained guard from squads of  Greek Police EL.AS. For just 30 euro per hour. For additional 20…


GREEK DEBT AUDIT CAMPAIGN The PSI agreement shuts colleges, hospitals and museums!

Cancellation of the loan agreement – Debt audit – Cessation of payments and debt cancellation now! All information coming to light regarding the Private Sector Involvement (PSI) and the recent bond exchange of…


Some sport for the cops! Pictures from the stadium – Athens

More pictures

“We are all Greeks” movement interest the Greek far right

Among those trying to take advantage of the momentum created by the “we are all Greeks” solidarity movement, there is also the Greek far right. Every aspect of the greek far right, from…

Transnational open assembly – Coming to a city near you!

Even though EU governments and institutions repeatedly confine crisis to the ‘exceptional’ case of Greece, the state of emergency seems to be the spectre that is haunting Europe. It seems that in one…

“Which Side are You On” – Athens, Syntagma Square 28,29-6-2011 (video)

Come all you good workers, Good news to you I’ll tell Of how the good old union Has come in here to dwell. Which side are you on? Which side are you on?…


Corporate media are afraid of the people’s solidarity!

We received information from friends in Germany regarding mass media manipulation of recent activist’s work presented in our blog. A German newspaper published a photo of Greek protesters spelling “We thank you” commenting…


(Updated) #2&3-3 Occupy the banks, occupy the debt, we are all Greeks!

Facebook Event Update: Please give your event so that we can add it to the list of events A few things to help mobilisation Chek out a place you wan to occupy (bank…

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