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Complete action plans for Blockupy Frankfurt

Complete action plans for Blockupy (see below): take the squares plan for the 17th, blockade action plan for the 18th, blockade action consensus for the 18th, and character and aims of demonstration for…


31st March 2012 #Blockupy Milan

The 31st March we will take to the streets claiming the right to not pay the debt! The refusal of paying the debt of the states is an essential condition to build up a…


Fight BAC: Occupy Wall Street’s campaign to reimagine Bank of America

Return to Lender: March 15 National Day of Action against Bank of America BAC is destroying our homes. Bring your furniture to a local branch. BAC is destroying our mountain tops. Bring mountain…


(Updated) #2&3-3 Occupy the banks, occupy the debt, we are all Greeks!

Facebook Event Update: Please give your event so that we can add it to the list of events A few things to help mobilisation Chek out a place you wan to occupy (bank…

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The 5th. of November, Move Your Money!

Big banks have gambled our economy away, making the 1% richer and squeezing the rest of us tighter. Its time to take action into our own hands. Break up with the big banking…

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