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Occupier’s Report from Frankfurt

Report from John Sinha Frankfurt is the head quarters of the European Central Bank, part of the troika including the EU and the IMF imposing a so-called bail out of the Greek Economy….


#Blockupy – Court of appeal decides: even more protests banned

After the local judge in Frankfurt approved most of the bans that local authorities had declared for the protests against the ECB in Frankfurt, the court of appeal in Kassel now gave its…


Complete action plans for Blockupy Frankfurt

Complete action plans for Blockupy (see below): take the squares plan for the 17th, blockade action plan for the 18th, blockade action consensus for the 18th, and character and aims of demonstration for…


International participation in #Blockupy Frankfurt – Suggestions…

http://17to19m.blogsport.eu/2012/04/16/suggestions-for-international-participation-in-blockupy-frankfurt/ Suggestions for international participation in Blockupy Frankfurt Add ideas, comment, spread! Here, we hope to share how international groups and persons (and others who have not been present in the planning structures…


Action plan for the blockade on May 16, 17, 18, 2012 in the financial center of Frankfurt

A broad coalition of organizations, initiatives and networks are mobilizing to diverse days of action in Frankfurt from May 16th to 18th . The central element of the protest choreography is mass blockades…


31st March 2012 #Blockupy Milan

The 31st March we will take to the streets claiming the right to not pay the debt! The refusal of paying the debt of the states is an essential condition to build up a…


Movements are planning international mass protests against policies of pauperization

Sunday, 26/02/2012 – 14:32 Declaration of the European Action Conference in Frankfurt on February 26th, 2012 The 400 participants of the Action Conference from February 24th to 26th in Frankfurt/ Main, Germany, have…

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