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It was about time! Reflexions from Athens

It’s been a revealing period for all of us. We never realized quite how big is the turbulence we got into. Papandreou managed to corner us in the end of 2009 with the fear of default and a…


April 21 will be the french 15M under the slogan ‘They don’t represent us!’

The day before the first turn of the presidential elections in France, and two weeks before the second turn, the ‘indignés’ decided to unite all the people who don’t feel themselves represented by…


Senegal is fighting to save their democracy! (and the media do not tell nothing or little and bad)

Listen to the AUDIO about what’s happening from journalist Pepe Naranjo in Dakar (in Spanish): http://www.masvoces.org/Senegal-aumentan-las You can also watch a video recording that shows how the President of Senegal, Abdoulaye Wade, has acknowledged…

march paris

March to Paris 2012 – For a new constituent assembly!

Call to all French citizens We will walk with one main objective: to be open to all in order to create a convergence in a common fight and in order to support  the…

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