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#12M15M Minutes of the Evaluation meeting

Courtesy of our comrade Jasper from The Netherlands Last Sat 2nd June about 25 people from 13 countries joined the Open Space for the evalution and future of the Occupy/Indigndos/M15 Global May process …


#MayDay: The Whole World is Waking! Coverage of #M1GS

(all times Eastern, all locations in NYC unless otherwise noted) 11:59PM: Reports of live ammunition being used on protesters in Egypt 11:59PM: More police arriving at #LibertySquare 11:47PM: Police are setting up barricades…


Global demands and slogans, Get involved!

Dear comrades, bellow you find a list of demands “in raw” that were collected by the Global Call WG, please add yours, along with a short explanation of HOW to achieve the goal….


Let’s start to build together The Global Square at Berlin Biennale!

From TakeTheSquare, the international coordination network for the occupy and acampadas movement born in Spain during the first camps in May 2011. We are putting forward the platform berlin.theglobalsquare.org, which is derivation of…


Call for a Global Spring in May 2012

Throughout this period of civil disobedience, from Tunisia, to Iceland and the latest uprisings in Greece and India (feel free to add other places), if anything has become clear it is that not…


HUBMeeting 2.0 – Milan 30-31th March – 1st April

Year 2011 was a year that we will never forget, the year in which a variety of movements in different territories exploded against the debt-economic governance, the suspension and deprivation of our rights…


(Updated) #2&3-3 Occupy the banks, occupy the debt, we are all Greeks!

Facebook Event Update: Please give your event so that we can add it to the list of events A few things to help mobilisation Chek out a place you wan to occupy (bank…


#12M15 Global Meeting Minutes

RESUME Mumble Server: occupytalk.org Room: Round Table Label: occupii Address/Server: occupytalk.org – [this is the mumble server] Port: 64738 ** It is proposed to mantain this rotatory order: DRY – TTS – Occupii…


GlobalAssembly – To all our dear fellows who participate in the Global movement

To all our dear fellows who participate in the Global movement The agenda is here: PAD of the Meeting Since the last meeting we only finish the first point of the agenda and…


Minutes of the XIII Squares Meeting – Cities Feedback and Global Proposal for the 15M Global Strike

This Friday January 6 at 6 p.m GMT on webchat.freenode.net channel #takethesquare Agnosticnixie – Athens, Greece Andrew_Mallis Amgine – OccupyMediawiki.org. Host, manage, support mediawikis for protest groups anna_uk – Yorkshire, UK bruno –…


XII Squares Meeting on Friday 9 – Peacefull Revolutions & Global Strike

Every day the trade unions, students, and retirees are more and more mobilized for transnational coordinated strikes against the budget cuts and financial dictatorships. In Europe and the United States, millions of people…


“Global Weeks of Action for Education” 07 – 20th November 2011

After a few Global Chat Meetings and a call for feedback people involved in the struggle against the increasing commercialisation of education and for free emancipatory education at various locations around the world…

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