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Demonstrators sit in an inflatable pool filled with paint as they wait for police to clear the camp of occupy protestors in front of the European Central Bank (ECB) in Frankfurt

This is what democracy looks like! Prospects for the rising European movement

“There is talk of Europe’s future, and the need to harmonize banks, insurance companies, markets, businesses, police: consensus, consensus and more consensus. But in becoming  a people, doesn’t  Europe prepare us for new…


May 12th, 2012 – Copenhagen, Denmark

In solidarity with the Occupy Movement’s Global May Manifesto, the Danish faction manifested today a parade in the streets of Copenhagen. The procession was centred around a four-meter tall effigy of a politician…


One day in the life of protest camp against inauguration of Putin in Moscow – 14th of May (+Video of the eviction 17th of May)

Last news: At 5 .am police take off  the camp in Moscow… Before evening Anarchist singer-songwriter “comrade Arkadi” made a concert. Later, a freemarket was opened, where everyone could leave their goods and…

#12M Paris: Decentralized demonstrations and a lot of thematical assemblies (video)

Last news: 25 people tried to camp but was arrested by the police the same night, they are all free now. The movement is planning to try again saturday 19…


#Blockupy – Court of appeal decides: even more protests banned

After the local judge in Frankfurt approved most of the bans that local authorities had declared for the protests against the ECB in Frankfurt, the court of appeal in Kassel now gave its…


Complete action plans for Blockupy Frankfurt

Complete action plans for Blockupy (see below): take the squares plan for the 17th, blockade action plan for the 18th, blockade action consensus for the 18th, and character and aims of demonstration for…


Madrid Global May – A short version of the agenda

There is much more going on, I only translated the most important things mariangela  * sorry for the mistakes  May 1-15 Permanent information point at Sol Square.from 8th of May Economic disobedience office…


March to Athens – April 25, 2012 (English-French-Spanish-Italian-Dutch-German)

Watch this also: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ku7AZOcUyc4 0:00 – 1:40 English 1:41 – 3:26 French 3:27 – 4:09 Spanish 4:10 – 6:18 Italian 6:19 – 7:32 Dutch 7:33 – 8:50 German

May Day 2012 Immigrant Worker Justice Throwdown | Occupy Wall Street Video

Occupy Wall Street’s Immigrant Worker Justice Tour takes hundreds of protesters (and a brass band) through midtown Manhattan, calling out companies and bosses at several sites where immigrant workers’ rights are threatened. When…


#MayDay: The Whole World is Waking! Coverage of #M1GS

(all times Eastern, all locations in NYC unless otherwise noted) 11:59PM: Reports of live ammunition being used on protesters in Egypt 11:59PM: More police arriving at #LibertySquare 11:47PM: Police are setting up barricades…



(subscriptions: http://eepurl.com/klvBr ) 1- Last Saturday 28th we held the ninth international planning meeting towards May 2012, Please find he summary of the meeting in this entry http://www.globalmay.org/blog/item/97-globalmay-international-open-space-12m15m-april-28th-2012.html 2- Building Europe: From The Netherlands to Atyhens by bike (cycling…


(subscriptions: http://eepurl.com/klvBr) 1– International: http://globalmay.org/ (GET INVOLVED) is the place where you can actively participate of the Mar12 planning. There is a thread started recently, dedicated to propose and favourite #slogans for the demontrations that will take place…

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