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One day in the life of protest camp against inauguration of Putin in Moscow – 14th of May (+Video of the eviction 17th of May)

Last news: At 5 .am police take off  the camp in Moscow… Before evening Anarchist singer-songwriter “comrade Arkadi” made a concert. Later, a freemarket was opened, where everyone could leave their goods and…


Up to 120,000 people demonstrated in Moscow yesterday calling for new elections

Up to 120,000 people demonstrated in Moscow yesterday, braving temperatures of -18C to demand fair elections in a march against Vladimir Putin’s 12-year rule. Protestors shouted “Russia without Putin” and a resolution adopted…


Proposal for action on Nuclear Disarmament and the Reallocation of Military Expenditures for Social Causes, in order to end the global crisis and enter into a new world scenario

JOINT DECLARATION BETWEEN THE ASSEMBLIES OF MOSCOW AND NEW YORK – PROPOSAL 1.0 Today, with a profound crisis covering the entire planet, we feel an increasing threat of militarism and wars. History teaches…


@OccupySPb #RussianWinter – We won the first fight on Dec10!

It is definitely great that so many thousands of people in may be 50-60 towns all over Russia should get themselves out of their homes out in the gold streets (it is winter time –…

Report from Russian 2011 Elections, where the rules and laws were brutally violated.

Hi from Russia! There has already slipped news about the protests in Russia, – Moscow and St. Petersbourg, these protests are going and being supported and organized apart from usual bloggers and activists,…


Revolts going on all around Russia – Report from Moscow

[UPDATE]  Maksim Batsun from Moscow occupy assembly has been arrested today, he is in Ramenki police station in Moscow.   There is a lot of revolt going on right now in Moscow, St.Petersburg…

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