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Proposal for legal cooperation to defend the general right to freedom of expression in public areas

The Legal Commission of the assembly of the Indignants Movement in Paris (Les Indignés de Paris)   Dear all, As some of you are surely aware, on 17 January 2012 the Indignants Movement…

A proposal by the Greek Committee against the Debt

Dear Friends,  dear Comrades, We, the Greek committee against the Debt, take the initiative to address you all, offering you to decide, prepare and organize a great, unitarian, combative and massive European day…


Madrid launch a global campaign against permanent war and the war in Iran

This document was consensuated in Madrid by the working group ‘International policies’. We informed yesterday the general assembly in Madrid and we ask now to all different occupy, 15M, assemblies to support it….


IX Squares Meeting 21/10 Welcome to the new members / Next steps of the global network

HOW TO PARTICIPATE?   In webchat.freenode.net Friday at 19h (Spanish hour) Enter your nickname with your city (i.e: Mark_Lisbon) Enter in the channel #takethesquare Here the Pad of the Agenda https://n-1.cc/pg/pages/view/853297?init=true There you…

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