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Riots broke out all around Dakar, a young man of twenty years was shot dead during the confrontation with the police

The demonstrations started last Friday in the Senegalese capital goes crescendo and have now reached the suburbs of Dakar and the city of Rufisque. Left early in the downtown Dakar, precisely the zawiya…


(Updated) New action plan against the candidacy of Wade: “Y’en a marre” launched Operation “Fanane to the Obelisk”

Update: Y’en a marre: Dear friends, for cause of ban from the prefecture, the beginning of the program “Fanane” to the Obelisk originally scheduled Tuesday was postponed. There sick takes note of this…


Senegal is fighting to save their democracy! (and the media do not tell nothing or little and bad)

Listen to the AUDIO about what’s happening from journalist Pepe Naranjo in Dakar (in Spanish): http://www.masvoces.org/Senegal-aumentan-las You can also watch a video recording that shows how the President of Senegal, Abdoulaye Wade, has acknowledged…


“Y’en a marre!” call for the Senegalese revolution on February 26

Senegal’s president is facing the most serious political unrest of his career just months before seeking re-election to a third term. It has been getting unusually hot in the normally stable and democratic…

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