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One week with 15M Barcelona, the international newsletter from ICBcn

Hello from Barcelona, This is the first weekly newsletter that will inform you about the activities of 15M movement in Barcelona, Catalonia and occasionally the main events in Spain. 1. Solidarity with Greece…


This is our new trend, after every demonstration we don’t pay the metro!

Live streamed yesterday: http://bambuser.com/v/2384548 This is our new trend, after every demonstration we don’t pay the metro. In this video we can see a group of elder people that just finished a non-declared…

Spain’s “Indignados” and the Globalization of Dissent (Video)

The Occupy Movement has taken much of its inspiration from Spain’s “Outraged” Movement: what lessons does Spain have for Occupy now?


Police complies Cifuentes words dissolving a 15M assembly in Sol

The Madrid meeting that the 15M has been holding every Tuesday in Puerta del Sol (‘cafes indignados’) to discuss various issues has been broken up by the police, who proceeded to ID those present. “The…


Madrid launch a global campaign against permanent war and the war in Iran

This document was consensuated in Madrid by the working group ‘International policies’. We informed yesterday the general assembly in Madrid and we ask now to all different occupy, 15M, assemblies to support it….


Pensioners are occupying the CAP of LA Marina-Bellvitge for three months to avoid closing!

The policy of cuts to public health applied in Catalonia has caused the closure of referral hospitals, like the Bellvitge hospital, and the closure of Primary Medical Centers (CAPs), making the quality of…

Take the City – Toma la Ciudad (Video)

It has been a long time decisions are taken for us but without us. Once upon a time, there were collective spaces where people lived together and took decisions amongst equals, cultivated dialogue,…


Yo no pago! Report from Barcelona by Mikifus

Hi, I’m going to make a report, explaining my personal view of some of the last protests in Spain, wich I think could be really interesting in many other places. – This is…


Elder group “iaioflautas” occupy a line bus in Barcelona

A group of pensioners protest in a bus line 47 (TM Barcelona) against cuts in social services. The collective ’iaioflautas’ has taken the bus in plaza Catalunya, beginning of the bus route which finish in Canyelles, they paid the bill and they made ​​a protest with whistles and…


Catalan police as protesters inside demo in Barcelona!

Min 3:30 appears catalan police On Saturday afternoon over a hundred thousand people participated in the rally against the cuts the Catalan government. The demonstration was called by trade unions, the Catalan Social Forum, 15M movement and other groups. The curious fact of the demonstration was to…

Catalan police complaint about their comunication equipment and threatens to further action against the Government

The cuts will mean an increase of crime, the “mossos” (catalan police) do not have to hide or makeup. The Administration can not lie to the people and accept their responsibilities. Therefore, all unions we propose the following instructions: A tug is not a theft. A theft is not a loss. A robbery inside the house is not a damaged. Inside a vehicle theft is not…


The police top brass, finally charged for the brutal eviction of Plaza Catalunya

The security ex deputy mayoress of Barcelona, Assumpta Escarp, the managing director of the Mossos d’Esquadra (Catalonian Police), Manel Prat, the responsible for the public order supervision of the Catalonian police, Antoni Antolín,…

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