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Let’s start to build together The Global Square at Berlin Biennale!

From TakeTheSquare, the international coordination network for the occupy and acampadas movement born in Spain during the first camps in May 2011. We are putting forward the platform berlin.theglobalsquare.org, which is derivation of…


#12M15 Summary Minutes 12M15M GA 02/18/12

The facilitators team gives a brief introduction to the assembly in which explains that this assembly is not decisional but merely for the coordination of international working groups working for the preparation of…


Summary of the meeting for 12M15 Global Days (Feb11)

Summary of the meeting on 02/11/2012 for 12M and 15M AGENDA TOPICS: 0) Introduction of the facilitation team 1) When and where will next meetings take place (server rotation or in the same…


#12M15 Global Meeting Minutes

RESUME Mumble Server: occupytalk.org Room: Round Table Label: occupii Address/Server: occupytalk.org – [this is the mumble server] Port: 64738 ** It is proposed to mantain this rotatory order: DRY – TTS – Occupii…


GlobalAssembly – To all our dear fellows who participate in the Global movement

To all our dear fellows who participate in the Global movement The agenda is here: PAD of the Meeting Since the last meeting we only finish the first point of the agenda and…


Minutes of the XIII Squares Meeting – Cities Feedback and Global Proposal for the 15M Global Strike

This Friday January 6 at 6 p.m GMT on webchat.freenode.net channel #takethesquare Agnosticnixie – Athens, Greece Andrew_Mallis Amgine – OccupyMediawiki.org. Host, manage, support mediawikis for protest groups anna_uk – Yorkshire, UK bruno –…


United Network & Global Solidarity before the end of the years – Minutes of the X Squares Meeting

We started the X squares meeting with updates on the  global week for  financial  alternatives: Streaming from the G20 at Nice/Cannes are available on bambuser.com/channel/acampadaparis_int Around 600 people attempt to set up a…


48Hours Global Assembly on Financial Alternatives – Call to all the squares on Nov 5-6

During the European Summit of the last week in Brussels, our “leaders” officially proved that they have no ideas on financial alternatives when the goal of this meeting was to try to save…


IX Squares Meeting 21/10 Welcome to the new members / Next steps of the global network

HOW TO PARTICIPATE?   In webchat.freenode.net Friday at 19h (Spanish hour) Enter your nickname with your city (i.e: Mark_Lisbon) Enter in the channel #takethesquare Here the Pad of the Agenda https://n-1.cc/pg/pages/view/853297?init=true There you…

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