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XII Squares Meeting on Friday 9 – Peacefull Revolutions & Global Strike

Every day the trade unions, students, and retirees are more and more mobilized for transnational coordinated strikes against the budget cuts and financial dictatorships. In Europe and the United States, millions of people…


N30, corporate greed, Xstrata and the right to protest

Report from occupylsx.org On Wednesday 30 November, Occupy London – part of the global movement for social and economic justice – sent a message to Mick Davis, CEO of Xstrata: As the highest…

Occupy London targets UK’s highest paid FTSE CEO

Occupy London – part of the global movement for social and economic justice - today highlighted the corporate greed endemic in the UK and called for a change within society. About 60 protestors gained…


EPSU calls for a European coordinated mobilization on November 30

EPSU calls for a European coordinated mobilisation (24 November 2011) The Executive Committee of the European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU) discussed the grave economic and social situation in Europe at its…

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The movement against austerity doesn’t stop in Portugal: Soldiers and policemen joined the movement

The movement against austerity doesn’t stop in Portugal and even the soldiers and the policemen have joined the movement. On Thursday, 24th November, thousands of people went to the streets during the general…


OccupyLondon’s week of action in support to the N30 Strike

The largest strike action of a generation will take place on Wednesday 30th November. Occupy London wholeheartedly supports the strike by over 3 million workers fighting for their pensions and a better society. The…

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Update Occupy CAL (Berkeley University). Police brutality: Violence Comes Up When Moral Legitimacy Fails

  On the 9th of Nov. 2011 the first Occupy Cal massive action took place. Over 3000 protesters joined at the Sproul Plaza, Berkeley, the iconic place where the Free Speech Movement started…

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Chronicle of the General Strike, Oakland 2nd Nov 2011. The other side that the media hide

The General Strike on the 2nd of November called for by Occupy Oakland has succeeded. Many businesses closed their doors in solidarity with Oakland, and the main banks like Wells Fargo, Citibank, Chase…

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The war in Athens, Society trying to keep the bankers out. Seems like austerity is winning, is it?


20 of October: A taste of civil war in Athens – “Mother of all strikes” Part.2 #20ogr

One more time the centre was full of people, parties, worker unions and collectives, the Greek was united and the ambient was more relax because today the strong communist party was making the…


19 of October: 1.000.000 people in Athens – “Mother of all strikes” Part.1 #19ogr

My day started in the streets of “Exarkia”, the famous anarchist neighbourhood of Athens where I was directly at the top of the manifestation. At 10H30, “Patission” Street was full of people and…


19-20 October – Follow the 48H of Strike in live from Syntagma Square #19ogr, #20ogr, #greekrevolution

Follow the 48H of strike in live from the new Channel of Syntagma Square To catch the sound join Entasi FM We participate to the 48 hour strike. We protest in Syntagma Square…

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