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Homeland Security and OWS

Seems the Occupy movement was targeted by Homeland Security before the first tent pole was raised, according to documents released in compliance with a FOIA request. Truthout.org has conducted exhaustive research on the…


OWS Newsletter – Updates for the Week of May 16

Join us in returning to Wall Street and Liberty Plaza every Wednesday for the ringing of the People’s Gong and a common space for meetings and discussions. Whether you occupy a labor law…

May Day 2012 Immigrant Worker Justice Throwdown | Occupy Wall Street Video

Occupy Wall Street’s Immigrant Worker Justice Tour takes hundreds of protesters (and a brass band) through midtown Manhattan, calling out companies and bosses at several sites where immigrant workers’ rights are threatened. When…

Slavoj Žižek – Occupy Wall Street and modern anti-capitalism


Occupy Wall Street was evicted this morning with 70 demonstrators arrested.

Liberty Square (Zuccotti Park), home of Occupy Wall Street for the past two months was evicted this morning by a large police force in full riot gear and 70 demonstrators was arrested. Michael…


Naomi Klein: “Occupy Wall Street is the Most Important Thing in the World Now”

I was honored to be invited to speak at Occupy Wall Street on Thursday night. Since amplification is (disgracefully) banned, and everything I said had to be repeated by hundreds of people so…

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