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(Updated) General Strike – Report from Lisbon

Updates Yesterday was a strange day. the general strike was called by the unions (the CGTP) to protest against the austerity measures. they organized lots of gatherings and marches all over the country….


Press declaration made in front of the Ministry of the Labour in Turkey

Today members of DISK organized a press declaration in front of the Ministry of Labour. In the declaration read by Erol Ekici (President of DISK,), it was said that “the Government is staging…

06-03-2012 FNV Schoon Genoeg 01

Cleaners in the netherland went on strike and occupied

After a few weeks of protests and negotiations, cleaners in The Netherland went on strike on the 27th of February. Yesterday, they occupied the VU University of Amsterdam with the help of dozens…


Eleftherotypia’s Workers are back with their own newspaper

“Days of Strike” (click on cc for subtitles) A short documentary on the strike at Halyvourgia Ellados’ steel factory in Aspropyrgos, Greece. For more than 2 months, around 300 workers are fighting for…


A new constitution to block the USM treaty – Reflexions on the Belgium situation by Ben

In Brussels there has been a general strike on January 30, but this general strike has been portrayed by the media and the politics as a general critic of unions and Right to…

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