September 17 EVERYWHERE:

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Occupy your financial districts now!

Transmission of Global #Antibanks #OccupyWallStreet channel at http://bambuser.com/channel/15octobernet

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In the United States they are preparing to occupy Wall Street, in Spain they will demonstrate at the Stock-Market headquarters, in Greece they plan to boycott banks… What’s going to happen in your city?

Posters, banners and promotion material here.

Actions #Antibanks #Sept17 #OccupyWallStreet

International Jammers!

We call on jammers across the world to occupy financial districts on September 17:

Other actions for 17th September
  • in Barcelona, Spain – Forum and Barcelona Hub International Meting. International meeting of social organizers in order to set a plan for a global rally on 15th October. (15-18th September)
  • Paris, France Marches from Greece, France, Spain, Italy, etc. will arrive to Paris and there will be a big demonstration there. Read more in Road to Brussels, The marches to Brussels and Paris Reelle Democratie
  • Italy – Marches to Rome starts. Follow it in fb.
  • Athens, Greece proposes to boicott the banks withdrawing money for 4 days, still not clear when do they start (decided on Syntagma assembly on September 5th)
  • Cambridge, UK – Workshops on the financial crisis. Flyer here.

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