Lisbon meeting 10th july at 14.30h on the LX Factory


On the past 22nd June, the International Workgroup on “Real Democracy
Now!”/Acampada de Lisboa was contacted by Icelandic fellows Gandri Skulason (Iceland
Association of Debtors) and Gunnar Sigurdsson (Open Civic Forum in Iceland) who
conveyed their interest and availability to set up a metting in Lisboa with all the
members of the protest movement that are organized in Lisbon. Meeting such as this
one are being organized in many cities around Europe.

Their request for a meeting is grounded on the following goals:
“It is our wish to form some kind of collaboration with you to distribute and
exchange information and thus making a foundation for a base, capable of
bringing into action our mutual wishes of a transformed system.
We believe we can change the world one step at a time, and we believe we can
make those steps a little bit bigger, by joining forces.”
(source: email sent by Gandri and Gunnar, 22/06/2011)

The meeting will take place in Lisboa, at 14.30h on Sunday the 10th July 2011, on the LX
Factory – Lisbon.
We wish to gather all indignant people with common proposals and action that are
spread through different movements, in order to create a platform all together and
make a general evaluation based on discussion and debate.

This is just the beginning!
Inter(nacional) Workgroup Lisboa – Acampada de Lisboa / Real Democracy Now!