International meeting July 10th in Lisbon. Democracy and austerity plans Livraria Ler Devegar – Lx Factory

Part 1
European Situation Portrait
Priority / Mobilization Strategies / Protest

15h00 Introduction
15h05 Gunnar Sigurdsson (Open Civic Forum of Iceland)
15h25 Alex Theodorakis, Stella Papadaki, Labros Moustakis (International/Communication Commission – Syntagma Place – Athens – Greece)
15h45 Spanish Movement (Salamanca Camp – Catarina Santos)
The Salamanca Camp gave an introduction to the spanish situation of unemployment, social cuts and other background to explain why is the people rising up.
15h55 International Network Group Ontheroad (International Commission – Catalunya Place – Barcelona – Spain)

The International comission of Barcelona was the first one created. It was divided in 4 subcomisions and coordinated through a daily assembly, an n-1 group and a mailing list. The richness of our commission comes from the fact that the members come from many parts of the world and many experiences, from Oaxaca to Sudan, with 4 Italians, 4 Greeks, 6 French, 2 Portuguese, etc.
Information: was linking the visitors to the work area, informing, answering, recruiting and orienting new volunteers to keep tidy the working area. The allowed us to recruit more than 200 translators in one week. Organized talks and workshops.

Translations: The translated the official documents of the assembly, along with other interesting texts in more than 50 languages. This allowed us to integrate immigrants communities like Pakistan or Moroccans, and spread the contents of the movement around the world. They also did interpretation during conferences and video streams.

International press: They compiled an archive of press divided in three folders: one with international articles about the local situation, another about international mobilizations and another about France, available to visitors in the information table and updated every day. They also compiled a digital archive with all the links along with the communication team.
International action: Created since the repression of the Paris camp, a group of 20 people started to camp in front of the French consulate in Barcelona to denounce. They did actions to support Moroccans, Syrians and Italians too.
International networks: They made the first reviews of mobilisations and camps in other cities and contacts. Programmed live connections during the assemblies with other camps, like Coimbra, Atenas, Leipzig, Lyon, o New York. They received the foreign indignants coming from France, US, etc. Composed mainly by geeks, it made a big effort to create platforms like mailing lists(like cominterm and now squares), or n-1 groups for local and global groups, as now the Howto Camp, that shares methodologies for assemblies, pacific resistance or legal issues, or coordinate international accions, websites, irc channels, spamming the europarlamentaries about the Pact of the Euro, etc.
We were also helping with the page and created, a facebook (acampada bcn comision internacional and the twitter acampadabcn_int which allowed us to keep autonomy till now, regardless of fights, burnouts of the communication team or internet access. It is important to have several official media in case of divisions, manipulation or censorship.
We also did the first international call outs to take squares, trying to transform the mobilization in support of the Spanish people into local fights about local issues.
We also did a big international call out for the 19 of June against the Pact of the Euro, which was a big success.

We also collaborated with the other international call outs, like the anti banks action of the Greeks or the information about the Italian referendum.
We would inform every night about the international situation in the assembly, along with the live streams.
Finally, the members also participated in other commissions, as Dinamisation of the assembly, law, communication, night programs, etc. And stayed in the plaza Catalunya until the eviction even when the movement decided to leave before.
On the road: In the beginning of July we started traveling through the different cities. Our goals were: compiling information of other cities, like reports about the camps (number of campers, assistants to assemblies, etc) , recompilation of experts and formation needs, practices sharing, creating new international call outs and actions, make the network stronger through face to face meetings, and informing about Barcelona as well.
Brussels: intervention in the Parliament during an event organised by Democracy international. Participation on Brussels assemblies, divided in several neighborhoods. We started to write a howtocamp in every city, based on interviews with the local indignants and our own observations, that is starting to be interlinked as well.
Facebook: Acampada bcn Comisio Internacional
Twitter: @acampadabcn_int
Skype: ci-barcelona
This group presented the project of a Real Lisbon Treaty, who join also the declarations of Gunnar Sigurdsson (Open Civic Forum of Iceland) and of the people of Salamanca. More information in the Meeting Minutes of the 11 of July.
16h05 Belgie Movement (Brussels Camp – Ben Borges)
16h25 English Movement (Brighton Camp – Tamara)
16h45 Portugal: Aveiro, Coimbra, Faro and Lisbon Camps
17h30 Coffe-Break

Part 2
Debt, Audit and Austerity Plans
News ways of democratic participation

17h45 Stephanie Jaquemont (CADTM international representative)
18h20 Gunnar Sigurdsson (Open Civic Forum of Iceland)
18h40 Portuguese groups and movements: ATTAC, UNCUT, Precários Inflexíveis, M12M, 15M/DVJ, 19M/DVJ
19h35 Open discussion
The International Network Group Ontheroad of the International Comision of Barcelona talked about the Transition Day, more information in the meeting minutes of the 11 of July.
They also announced the international meeting of July 16 in Paris and July 22 in Brussels.

Julbinkian Garden


Mailing List Squares:

– Mailing List Squares:

It is important to present ourselves and the work we do in our cities when we join the list.

Let’s keep in mind that the list is read by a lot of people, let’s write resumed messages and give links or mails to follow-up.

Let’s always make clear where do we write from.

Let’s keep the local discussions on local lists, and don’t post information that is not related to our work, otherwise people will end up unsubscribing.

To receive the messages in a daily resume, you can access your subscribing options at

More information in the page Mailing list in the group Howto Camp in


– Call out for the creation of international commissions in all cities

The International Commission of Barcelona did it before and have to send it in the red of contacts


– List of Cities/Contacts

Dany (from Barcelona) will share it on the mailing list, and there is a forum “international situation by cities” in the group Take the Square – International on


– Assembly blog hosting – per country

Places that want to have their own blog and have no local support can receive help from

They just need to take care of buying the domain name, and can have mail, blog and mailing lists for cities, comisions…



Platform for the programers and developpers who want to colaborate to new platforms



From de 15M, the network of the in Spain got activated again and from Madrid (hacksol) to Barcelona where there is also admins of the servers of takethesquare. The services available for the movement are webpages, mailing lists, twitters, and soon VoIP (telephony) or the radio.

The takethesquare page has changed, now is easier to find the info and create an account. If there is any trouble, mail or, also for administrative requests to the admins (new mailing lists, blogs, etc)


– Radio Indignada

The webradio aims to gather materials from different parts of the world to give voice to the different assemblies. The idea is to repeat all the archived material from assemblies, interviews, manifestos and announcements, while having the possibility of making live streams also. The address of the stram is

It has a group on n-1 too. The radio receives material at You can send even a youtube link if you believe the audio will be good for it, and is also looking for people in the different assemblies that wants to record audio to send to us.



An alternative to facebook with support for mail encryption, mailing lists, chat and others, developed by a multinational team of activists.

Developed with the idea of having our own tool for communication outside of the commercial world.

Users can create groups and share files, pictures, events and forums with the other members.

Needs collaboration on sofware development and design, and can be installed in other servers too.

Ben (from Brussels) will make a video tutorial


* Take the square – International

Here we gather all info, videos, archives and contacts for the different countries.

In the Forum there is a thread per country where we add all new info, and there are also threads about international actions, strategies of organization or asemblearism…


* Howto Camp

Here we are gathering all documentation about assamblearism, consensus gathering, camps, legal aspects, ideas of actions that can be used in other places.

International Archives Center about the movement (in the folders), Colaborative edition of an International Guide of The Pacific Revolution (in the pages), Sharing strategies of Organization, Communication, Pacific Resistence, Asemblearism… (in the forums)


* Real Lisbon Treaty

Work on an international consensus that allow us to write an international declaration of principles and a global minimum’s list


* Global Revolution 15Oct.

Call out to the #Globalrevolution and organization of the October 15


* Transition Day

Organization of this project who consist to invite people to take their money out from the bankers elites to ethic banks


* International Commissions

Develop the comunication betwen international commissions, countries, cities and peoples.

Mailing List Squares:

Collaboration in the organization of international meetings

Creation of an agenda with the nexts national and international meetings

Organization of web conferences and international assemblies

Call out for the creation of international commissions or working groups in a maximum of cities

Assembly blog hosting – per country

Coordination of international actions





We agreed that it will be good to participate in the organisation of the international meeting for make it everytime better than the precedent, we created a group “International commissions” in with forums of discussion about the organisation of the next steps and we have to create an agenda.

We made a valorisation of the first day and it appears that:

– We have to be more objective in the presentations and informations we give (it was sometime too much sentimental), we can create a free space for this personal opinions.

– We have to divide in two days the presentations and the debates to create a real space for the debates, better in an amphytheater, also it missed preparation and the program suffered many changes and was not confirmed till the day of the meeting. We created a forum for that.

– We have to choose better places like squats or universities with internet, printer, more time, coffee, food and place to sleep together.

– The translation was a bad idea and ate half of the meeting, we can try to project a written translation or divide the room in languages areas.


– 16 of July in Paris (during the festival of the french indignantes 14-17 of July)

Call out from the international commission of Paris to translate and share in every country.

Appel à la participation internationale à Paris les Journées du 14 au 17 Juliet : atelier de coordination/discussion internationale le 16

En réponse à l’appel de plusieurs villes de France de faire un rassemblement national le 14 juillet, l’AG parisienne s’est unie à la initiative et a organisé quatre journées de rencontre du 14 jusqu’à le 17 juillet. Ces journées seront le premier rassemblement de gens de différentes régions de France et vont permettre la réalisation de la première assemblée populaire « inter-villes ».

L’AG parisienne n’a pas oublié la dimension internationale des mobilisations et fait un appel à la participation internationale aux journées. Les problèmes sont globaux et la révolution sera globale également. Egyptiens et Brésiliens, Allemands, Belges, Espagnols o Portugais, migrés, réfugiés ou sans-papiers, apatrides et apartisans, nous voulons réfléchir tous ensemble à un monde où les personnes et la nature priment sur les intérêts économiques. [Nous ne sommes pas de marchandises]. Citoyens du monde, nous vous invitons à rejoindre Paris du 14 au 17 juillet pour prendre la place tous ensemble et affirmer ainsi notre unité et notre détermination.

La journée du 16 sera spécialement consacré au partage des informations et expériences en vue de promouvoir la coordination internationale et l’élaboration d’un agenda commune. Nous avons appris du Caire, de l’Islande, de Madrid, d’Athènes… Il est l’heure de prendre tous ensemble la rue.

– 22 of July in Brussels (After the big concentration of the 21 of July)

Laurent (from Namur) start to organize it and have to write an international call out for the both days.


– 24/25 of July in Madrid (After the big concentration and the end of the march to madrid)

Tati and Dany (from Barcelona) comunicate with Carolina (from madrid) to organise it, the call out have to be write from Madrid or Barcelona


– 18/19 of September in Brussels (At the end of the europeen march)

We have time to organize it


– 15 Octobre Global Day (we didn’t have time to talk about it)

– 5 November in London (we didn’t have time to talk about it)

In England people will March to London to arrive the 5th of November (remember remember…)

– Virtual Meetings (we didn’t have time to talk about it but everybody can start to share ideas in the group International Commissions of


– March to Brussels

Proposition: Start a big europeen march from brussels with trajectories studied to allow us to link and recruit a maximum of people in strategic cities on the road to belgium, to realise a big recensement with questions prepared, and organise a big action in Brussels the 17 of September with two days of International meeting (18/19) to prepare the 15 of October.

Organization: A webpage is under construction: and we created a groupe in for the organization, more information with

-Transition Day

Proposition: The proposal is to start an international campaign for everybody to take their money out of the commercial banks and pass it to ethic banks and credit cooperatives, or create new ones. It consist of a big campaign to show what the traditional banks are doing with our money but also promote the credit coops and the projects they finance.

People can do it without changing anything on the way they use their money (debt cards, etc) they can have a bank account that will not contribute to war and exploitation. So this action will have two fronts: take the money out from the bankers elites, and also put more money available for sustainable projects who will contribute to everybody and help to heal the world. One day of the month would be the transition day, maybe the 10th or any day because that would have the most impact on the market, every month, so the people gets used to it and we will use the same comunication.

Organization: Tati (from Barcelona) made a presentation some credit cooperative and ethic banks like Triodos or the Catalan Integral Cooperative started one year ago by Enric Duran, and Laurent (from Namur) present the Belgium Eltys Cooperative.

We created the blog who is looking for collaboration to explain the problem of the banks and spread information about ethic bank possibilities. Now we can start to archive the material (video, audio, text…) and link similar projects like or We also created a group Transition Day in to share ideas about the organization. We talked about organising conferences and make anti-banksters actions during this transition days.

– Real Lisbon Treaty

Proposition:last years things are changing. Finally we have the possibility of communicating between places for free, spread information and read witness reports from other countries. Now we have aquired the new technologies that allow us to build our own tools to organise ourselves without elites exploiting and abusing us. Stop the world, another war is possible: the war to analfabetism, to hunger, to the IMF. A pacific war in the acts but with ideas that will be violent to the minority we all contribute to keep in power. A pacific force that can flood the structural violence of the society.

We created an international network that permit our individual or collective development, so let’s start: lets share the tools and projects we like, let’s work for everybody to have access to food, housing, health, information and education, let’s shorten the digital divide. Lets stop trying to survive alone and start to work together, dedicating our energy to find solutions and make them work, sharing them with others when they are succesful. We don’t want to support this system anymore. If we decide to stop it, we will stop it.

We don’t need them anymore, we just need to get out of the dictature of the programmed obsolesence and the patent lobbies. Grassroots technology and production adapted to local resources is already proven in many isolated places, let’s replicate the succesfull ideas, help them spread. We are all from the Earth and none of us has any rights over it’s resources. Let’s stop talking and start building a sustainable, autonomous, non-hierarchical, resilient infrastructure.

Today we have the posibility to work on an international consensus that allow us to write an international declaration of principles, and a list of global minimum demands. Or simply said, who we are and what we want.

For this big project, we are working on a metodology. This documents should be worked out by two working groups ; one to join all the different manifests in a consensual version, and another to compile all the demands and try to validate them in all the assemblies of the movement. The unapproved propositions can be worked on by new international work groups till consensus has been reached. Assemblies can submit changes to already agreed documents, but have to gather consensus of all the members for the change.

Here the one of Barcelona

The proposition will be brought to the new real national assemblies of the French indignants in Paris the 14th, of the Belgium ones in Brussels the 21st and of the Spanish ones in Madrid the 23rd of July, for a start. This project will continue throughought the european summer to bring us to the October 15th with more posibilities to demand an european referendum during a european general strike along with the creation of an international alternative assembly, in which proposals can be submitted for approval.

Decisions: All the international commissions have to propose the idea in their own countries, we created a blog (we have to join it with and a groupe in to star working on the methodology, and also to create an international organism of decision making inter-assemblies.

– October 15

We created a group in to share ideas and coordinate the actions, we programed an international meeting in Brussels one month before (Septembre 18/19) for put all the actions in common, some people talk about an European General Strike, a European Referendum, and an International Take of Parliament to force the polititians and the medias to listen to us.

– Other

Sergie (from the Communication Commission of Barcelona) talked about “Indignatil”, the distribution of a medical box with a flier of the 15M and sweets of diferents colors.