Berlin supports the March of the Outraged

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‎21h @Brandenburger Tor

In Berlin we want to support the March of the Outraged (“Marcha de los Indignados”, explanation below) in the same way that we were going from 15M, taking our space for share our word. Because we should have the right for take the squares everywhere. We will do these activities, after the debate:​ent.php?eid=24073354927973​4:

– Live Video Connection with Sol (Madrid) at 22h, during the Assembly being held in Sol. People from several countries -France, Israel, UK…- will also participate via streaming. (Confirmed to do it already)

– Workshop organized by our friends from Pad Company: www.pad-company.posterous.​com

– Dinner

– Chat between everyone at the square. Why are you outraged? Which solutions can we propose?