#mpi23J Minute by minute: from indignant marches to globalrevolution

In this post we will be updating all related information to international meetings taking place during 23 july, the arrival of the outraged marches to Sol (Madrid).
We invite you to follow our livestream: http://www.livestream.com/spanishrevolutionsol

What is scheduled:

Saturday 23

– 2:00 p.m. International welcome at Parque del Norte*
We arrived at the “Parque del Norte” where there was a banner welcoming all people marching and arriving to the neighborhood.
The outraged march coming from the north arrived yesterday and camped 🙂
Around 30 people  coming from different coutries, Russia, France, Italy, Netherlands, Greece, etc. joined the meeting and we had some lunch and then we held the asembly.
During the assembly we introduced ourselves, and the work that was done in the squares up to date.
We did several banners

We decided to have a big banner to march with it towards Sol,  the slogan of the banner “Rise up for the global revolution” 🙂
– 6:00 p.m. March towards Sol* from a number of meeting sites
– 7:00 p.m. Concerts and welcoming ceremonies in Sol
The orchestra of Sol played music while the marches were arriving and a banner saying “welcome dignity” headed every entrance in Sol square
– 9:00 p.m. All the marches reach Sol (We’ll take the square!)
Around 20 thousands people arrived to the square, so public space again was massively taken.
– 9:15 p.m.- 00:00 am  Assembly where marchers will pool their experience, with connection via streaming to squares in other countries (Netherlands, Greece, Egypt, UK, Israel…)
The assembly was a very emotive meeting, where people from the 35 cities narrated the experiences that ocurred during the weeks that they marched.

In between we contacted with several squares, Berlin, London, Paris, Syntagma


During the assembly there were serveral amazing moments, a 9 year old boy singing a rap with lyrics about the 15M movement, a poem read by one of the people that marched, a song sang by a group of people coming from the south or another song by a singer who almost lost her voice during the march but even though she sang really nice.

The camping space was in Paseo del Prado, in the middle of Madrid’s triangle of Art (near Prado Museum), and very near the congress, where dozens of tents where settle, a kitchen built, an open air cinema held and people got together to chat, sing, and relax after a really intense day.