Sol has been evicted but we know the way back #spanishrevolution #nopararemos #nofear

Today around 6:30 in the morning, a large police presence, consisting in national police and local police, appeared in Sol square, where the info point Sol still was present, as well as a great oil painting which some called the “new Guernika”and the metal plate that read “We were a sleep, we woke up, square taken”.

Cleaning services arrived escorted by 20 riot police vans, their job was to clean everything up, to leave no signal of what Sol is, though they seem not to understand that Sol remains and that we’ll be back.



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In the info point there were around 20-25 people, police arrived with good manners saying, “Hey guys, its time to go”, they let them 3 minutes to pack the basic things and told them to go and the only way out of Sol, was Carmen St, the rest of the square was blocked by the police riot vans and the square was circled by local riot police.

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In the square the political responsables of the order were present at 9:00am, they didn’t want to talk much, they just said they executed orders coming from the Department of the Interior/Home Office


Also Pso Prado (where people that came with the indignant marches were camping) has been evicted, riot police vans have blocked all the way between Pza Cibeles and Pza Neptuno, in this case only national police was present, they were sing their helmets and they attitude was more agressive, they began kicking the tents in the Pso.Prado, when people woke up and yelled that they were there, police relaxed and the eviction continued.

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No violence has been present in neither of the evictions, they didn’t expect us and we’ll come back, our non-violence will lead us to take the square again tonight at 20h at Sol

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