#Sol Square evicted in the morning, thousands demonstrating during the night in #Madrid #nopararemos #spanishrevolution

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Today around 6:30 in the morning, a large police presence, consisting of national police and local police, appeared in Sol square, where the info point Sol still was present, as well as a great oil painting which some called the “new Guernika”(new version of Picasso’s one at Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid) and the metal plate that read “We were asleep, we woke up, square taken”.

Since the people’s assembly of Sol decided to dismantle the encampment, the info-point was a permanent stand to provide information related to the movement in the Square. Cleaning services arrived escorted by 20 riot police vans, their job was to clean everything up and leave no sign of the 15 May Revolution Movement at Sol.

Police blocking access to #Sol Square.

Reaction of people

During the day, people organized in Assemblies in Madrid to plan what to do after the eviction of Sol. It was decided to organize an attempt of re-occupation of the square at 20:00 local time.

The protest called for the late evening against the popular assembly there, gathering thousands of people.

Solidarity marches have been called for around Spain at the same time, as activist hubs are talking about reclaiming the streets. You can follow the action live on the Twitter hashtag #nopararemos.