Call out to all international commissions of the 15M movement

We were born in different cities, we have different names and we decided different obligations.
On the First Social Forum of the 15M, las 25 of July, some of us met in Madrid to know each other and see what can we do together.
One of the obligations we saw we all had as International commissions or working groups is linking our own assemblies with the assemblies everywhere: Our environment commission working with the environment commission of other cities.
For this we have started several N-1 groups here:
For now we have:
We invite you to create your own international group if it doesn’t exist, contact us if you want some help.
This message is for all of us in the International groups to help spread this tool and bring to our local groups the possibility and need to link with similar groups in other cities.
So please go to your local Environment/Economy/Migration etc groups and let them know about this groups, encourage to join them and talk with their comrades around the world.
And if you are in the International commission (or whatever it is called in your assembly!) join us in the International commissions group to be able to communicate and organise between us.