September 10th: Call of the outraged from Rome to a Big peoples assembly

The Assembly of the indignant from Rome, who arose following the events in Madrid on 15 May 2011 and from which it takes inspiration in terms of objectives and structural organization, announced that the 10th and 11th September will participate freely and with their shareholders’ in a horizontal mode and without leading to the event previously called by the Popolo Viola in Piazza San Giovanni.

The indignant, then, are working on preparing a big public assembly, where you can learn the experience of movement, the work done up to now, the objectives that move and organizational performance. Starting from 17 hours on Saturday 10 September, following a general and brief moment of presentation by the square of the movement, the so-called start Pensatoio, the creation of many small meetings in which everyone will have the opportunity to share and express their indignation and where it will be possible to imagine the future together we aspire to.

After the work done in working groups there will be a large assembly that will collect the items that emerged from each group and will then be proposed content and topics to investigate and inquire into specific working committees that will meet the next day, Sunday, Sept. 11.

The movement of the indignant, through this first major encounter with the people, want to express and make public its goals and its organizational procedures. As the call says: people is back to politics, outside the institutional parties, outside the buildings, outside the logic of the market, always equal. Back in the streets, reclaim the power of the word, this is the power of movement, both peaceful and revolutionary. ”

The movement of the indignant public meetings held for the past 4 months in the major squares throughout Italy. In Rome, they meet every Wednesday and Sunday at 19 in Piazza San Giovanni, in the space next to the statue of St. Francis.

Here is the link where you can download and read the official call of the Movement for the Popular Assembly of the indignant 10 and 11 September: