#OccupyManchester October 2nd !

Tories not welcome!

Why do you want to mobilise against the Tory Party Conference?

From 2-5 October 2011 the Conservative Party are coming to Manchester to hold their annual conference. All eyes will be on this city as the Tory’s analyse their progress in implementing their disastrous program of public sector spending cuts, and reveal plans for the years ahead. This conference should not go unopposed. We intend to make the opposition to the cuts and the widely shared belief in a better alternative future visible, and we’d like to do this with you!

We have been inspired by the large and vibrant student protests that took place last winter, by the dynamic and high-impact actions of UK Uncut, and by the popular demonstrations we are witnessing across North Africa, the Middle East, Spain and Greece. The times are changing and people are speaking out against injustice and inequality.

What are you planning to do?

We need to try new forms of opposition. We have marched in our tens of thousands at previous party conferences, and in our hundreds of thousands in London. Crucial as they are, more marches in bigger numbers will not be enough. As the anti-war protests of 2003 showed, the government finds them easy to ignore. As anger at the Con-Dem cuts grows we need to make it more visible.

The cuts are for the benefit of the rich – we refuse to pay for their crisis!

The TUC have called a national demonstration to be held in Manchester on Sunday October 2nd. That
afternoon anti-cuts protestors will occupy Albert Square to create an assembly of protest on the
doorstep of the Tory’s conference, a symbol of the mass opposition to the cuts and a place for real
debate and discussion about the alternatives and the possibilities.

Come ready to make noise, and stay for the long haul!

Which groups are involved?/Who are you?

A group of individuals from around Manchester who have been involved in various social justice campaigns in the city. The idea came from informal conversations over the past few months. Our networking team is currently discussing and meeting with various other groups both here in Manchester and nationally, we hope to be adding these groups to our supporters page as support is confirmed.

Who will take part?

We want this event to be open and appealing to everyone opposed to the cuts. We hope it can be organised by a broad range of anti-cuts groups in the city which agree with the aims and principles laid out here, and are willing to work together in the spirit of cooperation.

Too often, we have let ourselves get divided into activists and ordinary people, students and workers, benefits claimants and taxpayers, socialists and anarchists, peaceful and violent campaigners. To fight the cuts, we must break down these divides.

What distinguishes you from the march and rally called by NWTUC/Right to Work?

We do not want sectarian politics to weaken our opposition and want to prevent any attempts to divide us. Therefore we aim to complement rather than compete against other protests which will be happening against the Tory conference.

However, recent protests, especially those by university and college students last winter, have shown that there is anger and energy against The Coalition’s savage attacks on public services that cannot be captured by traditional avenues of organisation.Anti-cuts protests have brought politics back into the streets, and made extra parliamentary politics popular.

In particular, we do not believe that any of the major political parties have a truly just and fair solution to our current economic and political situation. We want our occupation to demonstrate the depth of dissatisfaction with mainstream politics which is fundamentally undemocratic, and puts profits before people. We refuse to pay for their crisis.

What will happen after the Tories have left town?

We hope that the co-operation between different political and community groups and individuals in organising this event can have long lasting results beyond the Tory conference. Whether this be organising future major demonstrations in Manchester, or in co-ordinating our activities and campaigns.

More info, check: http://occupymanchester.org