Camps spread to Manchester. Who can stop this?

The Occupy Manchester organising group emerged with the aim of attracting
the arab spring to the UK, but took advantage of the mobilizations against the Conservative Party Conference, due to be held in
Manchester in early October. It is made up of individuals from various
groups in Manchester, and formed in response to a call to mobilise for a
mass protest that would aim to involve people who may not otherwise have
joined together in protest on the day.

Sunday October 2nd thousands of people marched (betwen 35000 said by
the police and 130000 by organizers) to make oposition to the cuts that
are taking place and also to share the belief that a better world is
Around 1pm Albert Square has been occupied by the protestors, there was
a bit of tension because the police tried to arrest people but there was
too mucho people to proceed that way, so a thousand people rested to
create an assembly just to speak and share opinions. There was a lot of
excitement and enthusiasm.

All the morning was raining intermittently until the middle of the
assembly. By 2pm, there was a heavy rain even though assembly
continued. It was really amazing to live the first day of occupation in
a country where that has never been done. The rain continued, so after a
lot of hours under the rain, everybody being wet, people began to
Around 7pm, 70 people still in the square, but there were scattered
people, and under those conditions it was hard to continue having a
political debate.
At 8pm, everybody went to look for shelter. Police waited till people
scattered to do several detentions in the city.

Today a basic camp is proudly erected in the square. The seed for the #ukrevolution that is coming.

One thing is for sure, this was just the beginning, but nobody is
going to give up, as it happens in Puerta del Sol, we are fighting for a