Use Mumble for voice conference

Since we are looking foward to hear each other, we invite you to download mumble (windows, mac, gnu/linux) and use it as voice conference free software. Also you can install it from Android Market to your mobile phone.

We put here an videotutorial that we found useful on the Internet, if you find a better one just tell us and we change it :-).

Once you have installed the Mumble software, click on ‘Server’ and then ‘Add New’ and then add the following details:

Label: takethesquare


Port: 64738
Name: name_your country (no spaces and we recommend that you put your name followed by country)

Then click ‘OK’ and you should be taken to the Server where lots of rooms [ie channels] will appear. Click on whichever room/channel the meeting is being held in and join the meeting. For international meetings, the rooms most frequently used are “international” or “globalassemblies”.

We hope to hear you soon!!