#15oct – Who are behind it?

Who are you?

Are you looking for an email, you don’t find who are the organizers of the event, you find lots of manifesto, you are not sure

if there is an official site, are you wondering about us?

But the answer is: who are you?

October 15th its a day where people of the world will show they are tired of the world as it is, will take to the streets and start to work for a global change. Nobody has to tell them what to fight for, nobody has to give magic solutions, nobody has to lead the way.

If the call for october 15th belongs to someone, that is you!. Take the ownership of the call, launch it as if you were the main organizer, do the manifesto you want, disseminate it my all media you have, do from it whatever you believe in.

So if people ask you, who is behind the call, you know what to answer, “I am”.

Because that is what we need, that people take back the world by themselves, with no partys, unions, associations who tells them what to do, just gathering together, using collective inteligence to start thinking what to do with this planet.

October 15th the world will be under our influence. It will become whatever we want. So, who are you?