#AgoraBrussels from 8th to 15th October! #globalchange #15oct #oct15

On behalf of the Indignant Movement we call you, people of all ages and conditions, from the four corners of the globe, human beings willing to improve our world. Join us, as free and equal individuals, at the Agora which will take place at Park Elisabeth in Koekelberg, Brussels, from October 8th till 14th.

We are a horizontal movement aimed at stirring public awareness for social, cultural, ecological, and economical issues, as well as the rights and duties of citizens. We think it is essential that everybody can participate and that we are accessible to a large quantity of people, because the debates that will be generated have a very broad audience, and it is important to gather as many ideas as possible.

This is a social forum in which, through debate and consensus, we seek to establish the foundations for a system that gives priority to persons. This global call has mobilized thousands of people willing to explore possible and sustainable solutions for the system. This movement’s ideology is simple–pacifism, citizenship, altruism, interculturality, and political participation. For these reasons, all people who wish to contribute to the construction of this new awareness should come to Park Elisabeth and make it possible.

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