Worldwide Agora in #Brussels #oct15 #15oct

Between the 8th and 15th of October the marches started in Spain, France, Holland, UK and Germany, along with hundreds of confirmed people from Sahara, Switzerland, Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Iceland, Poland, Israel, Palestina, EEUU, Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, México, Egipt and many other countries to confirm, will arrive in Brussels.

This meeting was born as a consequence of this revolutionary and unpresidented Worldwide historical moment. We will unite in Belgium in order to try to understand the causes of this dramatical situation, that is leeding us towards an uncertain future, and the common ilusion of all, in contributing to a social and concious change.

The aim of the meeting is the coordination of this re-evolution at an International scale, thru the creation of a network in order to build a society that priorizes life before economic or political interest.

-The day the marches arrive in Brussels, they will manifest and gather to coordinate the activities and actions that will preceed the following days.

-Between the 9th and the 14th of October in the neighbourhoods of the capital will be filled of debate and proposal agoras, thematic forums, actions, performances, cultural activities, workgroups, kids´s assemblies and workshops (assamblearian methodologies, informatic tools, etc.).

We would like to invite you to participate in the arrival of the marches, camp with us during the week, assist to the agora that will allow the encounter of international coordination and work tools, as well as the sharing of common ideas for the creation of a new economic, political and social system, based on horizontal organization and ideology.

As we know that no one should miss this, we´ve created an idea inbox so we can all be represented even if we can´t assist.

An inbox where you can send the subjects you consider most important  and work proposals that can help to buid a constructive and representative agora. As well as creative actions and ideas to pot the spotlight on brussels during the week, and specially during the global demonstration the 15th O.

Please send your ideas to as soon as possible.

We would also like to call out to the worldwide demonstrations of the 15th of October to spread the word about the international encounter in brussels, thru all the methods you can.

We walk towards a a great change, uniting all the voices of the world under one song. Lets spread this invitation and the inbox throughout every corner of the world. Together it´s much easier to walk towards a better world.