Dear companions,

Salut! from Madrid. We are the Orquesta y Coro SOLfónicos (= SUNphony Orchestra and Choir), an idea that emerged in Madrid within 15M movement after several clasical musicians met each other during the camping in Puerta del Sol. It all started when, what at the time seemed to be an utopian image, came into some people’s mind: a symphony orchestra, formed by anybody who would want to join in, playing Beethoven 9th Symphony in Madrid’s Puerta del Sol… On 19th June we saw the impossible happening; it was so difficult to organize, there was so much to compromise with in order to make it work, puting toghether many people that have never met before then…. Finally the 4th movement of Beethoven’s 9th sounded in the big demonstration for the day when the marches from different parts of Spain’s geography gathered in Madrid: , …

Since then we have played three more times together, bringing to life the classical music Re-evolution spirit in some of the people of Madrid’s acts and demonstrations. As an ending for some of those performances we have risen our musical instruments or scores (the Choir) up as we shouted “Estas son nuestras armas” (“these are our weapons”), what has became a sort of a motto for us…..

Now, oganizing the global demonstration for October the 15th, we would like to deliver a proposal that has seemed to us a beautiful symbol of global comunication and union between peoples and art:

To all music or art groups that are going to perform/participate in any way on 15th-O, lets all shout that “these are our weapons” & hold high the tools we use to express ourselves (or a similar action) at the end of our performance, to say the world that culture, art, critical thinking,creativity, teamwork and energy, are our weapons to make a global change.

…It might be possible to see each other through the streaming channels of the different 15-O demonstrations, document it and (..maybe, in the future) put together the pictures and videos of our global action… For sure, some conscience will wake up to our way to bring ahead the Re-evolution.

Thank you very much for being there. Encouragement and music for a global change!!